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if you know how to add and subtract whole numbers then you can add and subtract decimals just be sure to line up the terms so that all the decimal points are, hotel decimalfornia an adding and subtracting decimals - in hotel decimalfornia kids play the role of an escort snowy owl who has to take as many screech owl hotel guests to their rooms as possible before the morning, decimal addition and subtraction super teacher worksheets - printable worksheets for teaching addition and subtraction of decimal numbers, line em up decimal song mister c song 12 - mister c knows the importance of lining up his decimals before adding or subtracting this fun song was made to remind students of all ages to line em up, decimal games math play free online math games - adding decimals add tenths hundredths and thousandths with sums greater than one subtracting decimals fun soccer game about subtracting decimals, hungry puppies decimals mathplayground com - add subtract multiply and divide decimals to hundredths using concrete models or drawings and strategies based on place value properties of operations, the decimals cruncher coolmath com - 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