Irreparable -

irreparable definition of irreparable by merriam webster - define irreparable not reparable irremediable irreparable in a sentence, irreparable definition of irreparable by the free dictionary - ir rep a ra ble r p r b l adj impossible to repair rectify or amend irreparable harm irreparable damages middle english from old french, irreparable define irreparable at dictionary com - irreparable definition not reparable incapable of being rectified remedied or made good an irreparable mistake see more, irreparable synonyms irreparable antonyms merriam - synonyms of irreparable from the merriam webster thesaurus with definitions antonyms and related words find a better way to say it, irreparable synonyms irreparable antonyms thesaurus com - synonyms for irreparable at thesaurus com with free online thesaurus antonyms and definitions dictionary and word of the day, irreparable legal definition of irreparable legal dictionary - irreparable adjective incurable irrecoverable irreversible remediless ruined undone associated concepts irreparable damage irreparable harm irreparable injury, nflpa says no irreparable harm to nfl if ezekiel elliott - the nflpa said there would be no irreparable harm to the nfl if the dallas cowboys running back continues playing while the legal battle goes on, irreparable dictionary definition irreparable defined - if someone lies to you and you will never trust that person again this is a time when the damage to your relationship is irreparable if a vase breaks into 1000, irreparably define irreparably at dictionary com - irreparably definition not reparable incapable of being rectified remedied or made good an irreparable mistake see more, irreparable harm legal definition of irreparable harm - irreparable harm adjective beyond recall incurrble effect irreclaimable damage irrecoverable effect irreeeemable impairment irretrievable effect irretrievable, suffer irreparable harm uscis - u s businesses in danger of suffering irreparable harm due to a lack of available temporary nonagricultural workers will be able to hire up to 15 000 additional, trump is doing irreparable harm to the white house s - in the past week three senior white house staff members have either been fired or resigned the staff shake up which ended with gen john kelly being, irreparable injury nolo com - harm that no measurable monetary compensation can cure or reverse such as cutting down shade trees polluting a stream or not giving a child needed medication